Felix is Dead

So I walk around with a camera, using it to document the race, humans etc. It may not make me smarter or stronger, but I feel better about life. Meeting and talking with others makes me less stupid and more aware how we are all different. I don’t ask for stories. I ask if I can help. Felix didn’t want help. He said he was ready to die. No one knows for sure, if he went. I learned when I went to the food pantry and my images of him were on the door. Last people heard, he had been taken to a hospice.

Felix lived here, right off the highway. He lived in the woods. He could have had a place if he wanted one.

His front yard.

Garage and reading room.

Stanley Green, Another Photographer, Dead

Now, why didn’t I have the courage to do this when I could? I guess it’s because I wanted to use words instead of images to change the world. I failed. Stanley Green didn’t.

Very sad. The world will miss his work. To replicate it, if that was possible, a photographer would need to be connected to the universe by strings, like he was. He could feel the beat and see it. I got the feeling from his work that he knew the answers. I wonder if he felt the same way.

Walker Evans – Crate Tool

In 1955, Fortune Magazine published a piece by Walker Evans entitled, “The Beauty of the Common Tool.” Previously, he had shot portraits of workers at their jobs. This studio work was designed to show the tool, highlighting its shape, form and metallic color. along with its price and manufacturer. Like any glamour picture, the beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. The viewer didn’t need to know the function to appeciate its looks.

Shelly Isaacs, Cafe Cinématique

Not much good to say about where I live. Lots of ill-mannered New Yorker/New Jerseans who rush everywhere, drive madly and think they know it all. Arts and crafts. Cards. Golf. Restaurants, especially early bird specials. Lots of lines, people who talk about grandkids and coupons.

Not a lot of culture, even though we have several museums, nature walks and a plethora of movie theaters. People who watch MSNBC and CNN talk like they have a seat at the table, never mind the ones who watch Fox who control foreign policy. One day in the gym, three televisions had Fox news on, entertaining people on treadmills and stationary bikes.

But, we do have Shelly and his movies. He introduces movies you might not go to see and leads discussions at their conclusion. Always upbeat and tolerant of dumb comments, he increases awareness of cinematic art.

Now, remember, I am a photographic artist, a cult that people know little about, despite the democratization of cameras and photo making. I constantly strive to see better. Shelly’s incisive comments help me to watch movies more critically, though he’s more reviewer than critic. Going to his movies makes life a little more bearable down here.

Baby Alligator

So, we walked at Green Cay, again. Love the place. People smile. Some workout by walking around and around.  Mostly, people want to see an alligator.

Here’s a baby. Mom swam nearby. Several other babies hid in the reeds. A woman standing next to me, photographing with a cell phone complained: “…, hard to get this shot; he has the same coloring at the grass.”

“Yup, I replied, “and it only took 200 million years.” She didn’t laugh, but others did.


So, Brady’s lawyer died at 90, a good age, time to do enough and live. Didn’t you want to know what some of these lawyers and defendants looked like? How many times do you ask for Brady material? Did you ever read the original case and then look to see how it has been eviscerated?

Don’t forget Brady applies to stuff that inculates and exculpates, though prosecutors are loathe to say anything positive about those they think to indict and convict. One might ask the latest SCOTUS nominee what he thinks of it, too.


Front page. NYT. Your task, should you decide to accept it, is to determine who, if any, of the assembled represents your best interests.

One of them has already been dismissed, not for what he did, conferring with the Russians who had just disrupted the American election process, but for not telling the VP what he had done.

Another is the former head of the Republican party, the party of Mitch, Paul arhat d Dick Cheney, amongst others. Don’t hold his party affiliation against him. Fuck it. You can.

Then there’s Pence, a former talk show host, who may be in line to become President if the Donald is impeached. He would not have been re-elected in Indiana, so they made him VP. He was a former radio talk show host and a known opponent of women’s and gay rights. Big legislation: Pay for Fetus Funerals.

Bannon. He’s well read. Vote for him if you share “The Fourth Turning” by William Strauss and Neil Howe as one of your favorites. He worked for Goldman, which hit a new high yesterday, and isn’t a crime, unless you got a fee for speaking to them, a fee his holdings paid for.

And then there’s the mouthpiece Spicer. He wants you to know that you don’t know, telling your brain, which he assumes doesn’t work or you would not be listening to him, that his boss, the president (oh, how that kills me) really cares about you and that’s why he cannot tell you exactly what his boss has done, knows or will do, except that it will be great, because to do so would give the bad hombres a chance to interfere.

I left out Jared. He’s counting his money, buying buildings on the West Bank. He’s just there for the Jews, the right wingers who don’t see the people identified as Palestinians and to talk with his adopted god-father, Rupert Murdoch.

Your pick is …?