Burlington Parks and Rec Join Community to Cleanup Lake Champlain


Lake Champlain has the highest levels ever. Debris marks the landscape, keeping the beaches and bike path off limits. Parks and Rec organized a cleanup. Not well publicized, so it was not well attended. Bright beautiful sun. Some might say that the weather and Lake Champlain make Burlington what it is. Maybe. It could also be that the people care about their environment, maybe to a fault. And when they give up four hours on a Saturday morning to pick up garbage, you have to feel better about your community.

Mayor Kiss Showed Up.

Mayor didn’t say anything publicly, you know, like, “thanks.” And lots of people just rode by, walked by, or jogged by without comment. I mean, like, “don’t you care?” ┬áMarathoners showed up, but not many. They’re too busy training, hoping someone will clear a path so they can run. A person approached me. “What’s this?” “It’s a cleanup.” “I didn’t hear about it.” Then she walked away.

Zack Describes The Pickup

Lots of wood to pick up. Some had nails. Some can be used to make furniture or heat homes. Zack had a list telling us what to pickup and what to leave.

Pile Up the Bike Path

Bigger pieces on the bike path. Smaller ones in plastic bags.

Rake the Shorleline

No real plan. Just take a stretch of affected shore and pickup the debris.

Fill the Truck

Good exercise, lifting and bending. Picked up the stuff.

No branch too big or too small

The twigs and garbage didn’t fit nicely together. Lots of trips back and forth.

Watch out



Kid out for a bike ride stopped by to help. No better lesson about the value of community. I didn’t know anyone, except to know they care about where they live in the same way I do. Tell that to the kid!


Stanley Bleifeld, Sculptor, Dead at 86

I visit the Lone Sailor regularly. Watch him watching the water, waiting to begin his mission. Stanley Bleifeld knew him better than I could.

He stands in the cold.

His eyes always open.

The wind sometimes picks up his jacket which is a composite of five naval tops. Some in the service don’t like seeing his hand in his pocket.

The sun plays tricks with his skin, some of which comes from famous Naval vessels.

He likes the sun, too.

Birds don’t always show his broad back respect.

Not his position to complain.

Papa Neutrino’s Junk

Junk on the Shore

Papa Neutrino left Burlington on a makeshift raft with three dogs and three other people. The raft barely made it to Charlotte before winds, waves and the elements did his craft in. Leaving aside the danger he put rescuers in, not to mention his crew, and the equipment damaged during efforts to save him, he left garbage on the shore of Lake Champlain despoiling one of our most valuable and beloved assets. How ironic that those who authorized his boat as water worthy have to look from their station at his mess.

Papa Neutrino Builds A Raft for RTW Trip

Boat Building

Papa Neutrino’s raft is moored near the Coast Guard Station in Burlington. Planned embarkation is scheduled for November 5. When asked if a destination has been chosen, Scott said, “we intend to start here in Burlington and end here.”

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