Self-Portrait in a Mirror

So, you think it’s out of the ordinary for artists to make images of themselves in a mirror. Painters stared at themselves for hours in the mirror and produced one image. A photographer, spur of the moment, or maybe planned, can do it in 1/200 of a second. Some of the greats have done it, taken a self-portrait in a mirror. I sometime wonder if they were bored or didn’t have a model. You just cannot do it without the mirror and the camera, making it not that all spontaneous. Me, I like to do it in public bathrooms, bathrooms in museums, airports, supermarkets, movie theaters, restaurants. Takes some courage, because I have to wait for the place to clear out to eliminate a fellow pee person’s presence. Don’t want to bring the morals squad. And then, I gotta hurry. But, do I put the camera to my eye or chest? Do I want to see my face or just the act of shooting? One day, I will be more creative. One day, I will figure this out.

Self-Mirror PUBlix-1

Self-Mirror PUBlix-2

VERMONT Shuts Down For Winter

Just let’s say people still visit the Lake Champlain boardwalk and need to go to the bathroom. But the facility is closed. In Burlington, manners predominate. I never call a “John” a ‘Facility.” Sharon’s Mother used to call it a “pissoire,” which could have been the only french word she spoke. Well, they will just have to use the facility at ECHO if they have to go.

Getting a creamy can also be problematical.



Portland before Maine Media MFA

89S NH

I don’t travel well, because I don’t like public bathrooms.

89S NH

Just like home.

Chandler's Wharf

Porland looks much like Burlington. Portland Museum tomorrow for the f64 show. The town be a little more gritty than Burlington. Better baseball team and stadium (Pawdogs). Better restaurants. Ferries to the islands. Politics here, though, be seriously messed up right now.

Scott and Larry

We went for a birthday walk. Started at the Lone Sailor. Don’t remember Sharon taking my picture at the guy. I really love living here, especially since Sharon likes being here. I just want to keep being relevant, while doing things my legal life and my contempt conviction prevented me from pursuing.

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