Trump/Bannon Need To Go

These two baboons lead the country. Neither were elected by the people. They see only their images and listen only to their own ideas, except when DeVos or Murcer pays for others. Their views were born in the dark ages and so long as everyone dies, especially Muslims, people of color and those who lack resources to care for themselves and not rely on Government, the universe will be ok.

It’s worth the read. So is today’s NYT article. As Trump would advise us, you need to know the enemy.

Donald Trump Takes The Finger


So Trumpsky gives this subliminal message that everything is OK while he trashes President Obama, Secretary Clinton, women, Mexicans, disabled, injured service people, Judges, political leaders and everyone other than Melania, his kids and his possessions.


So, here is my subliminal message to him and anyone dumb enough to either believe he will do anything but help himself or don’t like Hillary.

Mayor of Church St Adamant about the Grid

His daughter goes to the Sustainability School, Barnes Elementary School. She is learning how to calculate electric needs in kindergarten. Even though he is a Republican, the Mayor of Church St supports the vote for the Grid in Tuesday’s special election.

Shumlin and Welch and Leahy Leave The Scene

The election ended electioneering, for now, at least. Thanks be to God. How sad to live in a state where we need to select a governor every two years. I cannot wait. And the presidency, too. Oh, boy. I cannot wait. More nasty ads. More polls. More nailbiting. Oh, boy.

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Peter Shumlin, Governor-elect

Democracy. What democracy? I voted. So what? People vote against their interests, unless they have a reason founded on some moral issue to motivate them. Too hard to follow the issues, because you have to read papers, which, in the case of the Burlington Free Press, don’t tell you enough, or watch TV, which, in the case of WCAX, just cover what they can. No real editorial comments worth remembering. Candidates are rock stars, only interested in winning office and staying there. So, I get to vote. Then they do whatever they want without really telling you why, supporting whomever brought them to the dance, disenfranchising the rest of us.

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Patrick Leahy for Vermont

Not saying that Senator Leahy ain’t good for Vermont. But I just don’t understand the electoral process anymore. It takes money to run campaigns for the Senate. Leahy doesn’t need money for his campaign. No way that Vermonters won’t return him to the Senate. So why would Senator Schumer give him $20,000 even though his reelection is not in jeopardy?

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Peter Shumlin Runs

Shumlin Listens

Politicians have to listen when they run. Polls predict the outcomes and rate the issues.Citizens approach, voice their likes and dislikes. Their opponents attack their ethics, experience, and motivations. And, should they be elected, they have to deal with the intricacies of an outdated legislative system and entrenched judiciary, all run and controlled by special interests. Only people who quantify their existence in terms of how much they can compromise so as not to be considered a loser and thereby be reelected would campaign honorably and hope to be elected.

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Woodstock Maine’s Disgrace

Like Kristof in the NYT News of the Week in Review this Sunday, I have to wonder, or rather rethink my views on the First Amendment. Let’s edit that. I have to rethink my views on a lot of things. My experiences from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and the first decade of the 21st Century have gotten so confusing that I don’t know what I really believe about a wide number of issues. Consider that a liberal rag, The New Republic, one which guided my ideology in my more formative years recognizes that Islam may be at odds with the Constitution. How about that, sports fans?

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Chris Bray Farms the Market

“Not worth a bucket of warm spit,” said John Nance Garner about the vice-presidency. Joe Biden could disagree, he of the Obama portfolio for the first-in-line. Would would aspire to such a job, unless you live in New York or Illinois. But don’t tell that to Chris Bray who wants to be the Lt. Gov. in VT. He wants the job and he wants to make it relevant and productive.

Fantastic Saturday in Burlington. Festival of Fools on Church St. and City Hall Park. He worked the crowd at the Farmer’s Market, most of whom looked like they don’t vote in VT. He says he has ideas for a new economy. I don’t know if more programs that deal with farms and woods, which he says are VT’s greatest asset, will create the jobs that people will find rewarding and remunerative. Hard to dismiss a guy who promotes ideas of Farmer to Farmer initiatives and food hubs that will bring more jobs to the economy and more local foods to market.

And, he listens.