Duckmans Return From Cuba

Fourteen days in Cuba created more questions than it answered about Cuba future. Visit now to see time stood still. Fidel and Che, 50’s cars and buildings, plus the remnants of the Soviet experiment. Still looks like an agrarian economy which overshadows free mandatory-education, free health care and housing. What direction will it turn after the last Castro leaves?

Bail Schmail

So, a kid in school kills another kid. He had been bullied, threatened and harassed. I am not ready to say justified, but hey, agree on the facts and do something with the case. If you don’t, try it. But don’t set bail at $500,000 on a kid who cannot post it, keeping him in jail until the case can be resolved.

In Murder cases, bail can be denied. A person is entitled to bail in all other cases, with minor exceptions, not present here. Setting a bail which is clearly unnameable and outside the realm of Constitutional thinking, defeats the purpose of the 8th Amendment. Set a reasonable bail and let the kid get his life together, go to school (get him a tutor of home school), and receive counseling. Don’t set a bail that looks good in the newspapers, while denying justice.

You have to wonder, don’t you, why high bail was set in this case? Don’t you? Is the kid a threat to flee? Is the proof of guilt overwhelming and the conviction a certainty? Then again, maybe you don’t wonder, because you don’t know enough about the system or you read the NY Post.

People Without A Moral Core

SO, you want to do good and you work for a racist bully, liar, scheming, mentally ill, selfish cretin who believes that Nazism has a right to be heard and that people should be lauded for exercising their right to protest the removal of a statue honoring a treasonous slave owner whose conduct cost the lives of 600,000 or so Americans. You know that you have the power to change America for the better and won’t be able to do it if you continue to support him. WHY DON’T YOU RESIGN?

There are no good Nazis. And by abiding him, standing next to him, without walking away or expressing outrage, either immediately or soon after, you missed a chance to show moral outrage. Your silence affirmed the fact you support an evil President. Hold him accountable or resign.

Trump/Bannon Need To Go

These two baboons lead the country. Neither were elected by the people. They see only their images and listen only to their own ideas, except when DeVos or Murcer pays for others. Their views were born in the dark ages and so long as everyone dies, especially Muslims, people of color and those who lack resources to care for themselves and not rely on Government, the universe will be ok.

It’s worth the read. So is today’s NYT article. As Trump would advise us, you need to know the enemy.

That Man From Rio Is Still Good

Belmondo, just an ordinary good looking guy, and a babe, chase stolen art. Spielberg used this movie to make Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Belmondo still lives, despite being debilitated by a stroke. He did several of the stunts. The babe is dead. Karen Allen character based on her. There is also a Short Round character.

Lovers of French Cinema, Hitch and Tintin will love this movie.

Movies are an antidote to Trumpitis.

Gene Joyner’s Unbelievable Acres Botanical Gardens

Gene Joyner build a rain forest in West Palm Beach that few have visited. Called Unbelievable Acres Botanic Gardens, it is open to the public by appointment or on select tour dates. Featuring rare tropical fruits, foliage plants, flowers, trees and a host of other botanical creatures, many of which you have not seen. Running around are a host of  reptiles that love the heat and humidity, in addition to a bountiful supply of bugs. Its a treasure.

This leaf has a name. I cannot remember all Gene taught me. Years ago, he was the botanist for the State of Florida. This garden/rain forest was built from scratch, by him. You have never seen anything like it.

John G Morris, Dead at 100

In 2015, I attended a photo workshop in Paris with Peter Turnley. We went to John Morris’s apartment, looked at his images and books, listened to his stories. Then we went to dinner at a cute place on rue St. Louis.┬áNobody knew who he was.

Through his work, John G. Morris allowed us to see places and get close to people we would not have otherwise known. In doing this, he taught us to see. Think about all the great photographers he knew: Chim, Cappa, Cartier-Bresson, all the giants.

A debt is owed to all photojournalists, especially the ones who gave their lives to help us understand man’s humanity to man, apologies to those who would find this politically incorrect.