People Without A Moral Core

SO, you want to do good and you work for a racist bully, liar, scheming, mentally ill, selfish cretin who believes that Nazism has a right to be heard and that people should be lauded for exercising their right to protest the removal of a statue honoring a treasonous slave owner whose conduct cost the lives of 600,000 or so Americans. You know that you have the power to change America for the better and won’t be able to do it if you continue to support him. WHY DON’T YOU RESIGN?

There are no good Nazis. And by abiding him, standing next to him, without walking away or expressing outrage, either immediately or soon after, you missed a chance to show moral outrage. Your silence affirmed the fact you support an evil President. Hold him accountable or resign.

Author: duckshots

Lapsed lawyer. Reader. Photographer. Jewish. Strongly attached to loving, caring, wife-Sharon. Working at remaining relevant. Hoping that my body and mind outlive my dreams. Maybe something I blog will make some sense.

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