Nectar’s Body Painting

Not Amsterdam, dammit.

Vermont has a reputation for being a liberal state. Don’t get all heated up. Just because VT started the civil union movement, one which should have been a no brainer, doesn’t make it the home of progressive politics. Sometimes, they let us have some fun.

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Pearl Street

Where else?

He approached me in the parking lot of the State Store. “Got $.40?”

“What you going to do with $.40?”

“I’ll take…?”

Gave him a $1.00. Took a few shots.

“How did you hurt your head?”

“Me and xxxx moved some furniture.”

“Have too much to drink?”


When we came out of the store, having bought our own drinks, he asked me to buy his woman a bottle. I refused. “Why won’t you do me a favor? I got the money.”

George L. Solomon Dead

Taken 6/25/10 at Paperman's in Montreal. George delivered a Mahogany casket that had scratches on the handles. He spit on his finger and tried to rub them away. JB, a mgr. at the funeral home, caught him in the act.

My friend George Solomon died. The death notice said suddenly, but I would say he saw it coming. Rushing here to there. Driving like a maniac. Wolfing down meals. Not paying attention to his weight. He wanted to live his life his way, death be damned. Sadly he won’t see his daughter’s nuptials, but he did live to see her become engaged.

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Burlington Street People

Paul on the Street

Paul tells me he had another life. We have all had another life, at least those of us who tried and failed. He says he was a photographer. Where his work hangs or sits, who knows? He told me yesterday, as he sat on the pavement outside Rite Aid in the rain asking for change that his wife died unexpectedly. BFP called Paul and his friends aggressive panhandlers. Clearly, the business groups don’t want him or his kind around. They removed the bench from the College Street bus stop. Allegedly, Paul moved it back. Got to have some place to sit, eh.

I watched the police action that took one of his friends off the street. No idea what was going on.  At least the guy in custody didn’t have to deal with the weather. Paul looked like he had enough, as he walked away freely. I gave him a couple of bucks and some change.

Steven Strassberg


In a way I felt disappointed, but that is baseball is it not? Sandy Koufax could not find the plate in his early years. Of course, Sandy was brought up because the rules on bonus babies required that they be with the home team. Nowadays, phenoms, as Steven Strassberg has been called, can find themselves in the Show to fill seats in a stadium in a non-baseball city with lousy weather, mediocre talent, and a poor record. “First in war. First in Peace. Last in the American League.” He could, on the other hand, be the real deal. Last night, he wasn’t. Moreover, he showed he might not be.

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Lena Levine

Lena took gas, according to George. She discovered her husband played around and took her own life. She lies in OZ’s hallowed cemetery.

Very hard explaining to UVM students studying death and dying the Jewish way that the religion prevents suicide victims from burial in consecrated ground without knowing how or why she got there. Someone wanted her beauty to live on, putting her image on the stone.


Hard to believe, but we felt the effects of an earthquake in Burlington just after 1:00pm. At first, we didn’t know what it was. The doors rattled. The glasses clinked. The ceiling creaked. Had one when we lived in Manchester in 2002. Lasted for 20 seconds. No apparent damage here, but 5.0 can put a charge in ya. They say it came from Ontario. A few weeks ago, they sent us smoke from forest fires. So much for our friendly neighbors from the North.