Sy Rettinger, lives at 77


So, my friend, Sy visited yesterday from California. He stopped in VT after a pre-Rosh Hashanah cemetery visit. Charlotte died seven months ago. Palpable grief exudes, for how long who knows. 46 years of devoted marriage can do that to a man who lived with a witty, artistic and smart woman.


Sy practiced dentistry, left handed until a muscle injury forced his retirement. You can see the eyes that patients in the chair found reassuring as he improved their dental health.


He’s socializing while here with friends and family. Has kids and grandkids in the Western part of the country. Finding a creative self in stained glass. Carries a big and heavy heart. Helping to contribute to a new understanding of aging and living life to it’s fullest.


Larry Kronenberg, 89.5

How Old Larry?

Not a big fan of Facebook, though I know I should be. Just making my way through the web based social networks. Have a Have a Twitter account which I don’t use. Have three e-mail addresses. Why anyone would have to deal with me these ways rather than than in person, I dunno. I am moving out into this virtual space, late, without a lot of support or tech knowledge, so who knows?

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